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If you’re located in or near Greenwood Village, CO, and are on the lookout for clean, safe and details asbestos testing services, look no further than Sharpe Brothers Limited. We have several turn-around-times available to fit your budget or your schedule. Reach out to us to receive our asbestos testing service today!

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We have the experience, certifications, and licensing necessary for the job, so you can trust that we’re the most qualified team to do your asbestos testing for you.

How Do I Know if I Have Asbestos?

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of materials that are readily identifiable as containing asbestos.These are usually things like duct wrap and paneling, some kinds of siding and some kinds of pipe or conduit. The only way to rule out asbestos, is to sample the material and have it analyzed at an accredited laboratory.

When do I need to test for Asbestos?

Remodeling and Renovation

Many building materials in new and old structures alike may contain asbestos above regulated levels. Here is a short list of materials in which we commonly find asbestos:


  • Wall and Ceiling Textures (All Kinds)
  • Drywall Joint Compound
  • Lath and Plaster
  • Ceiling Tile Adhesives
  • Wallboard Adhesives
  • Floor Tiles
  • Sheet Flooring
  • Flooring and Cove Base Adhesives
  • Pipe Wrap
  • Duct Insulation
  • Duct Paneling
  • Exterior Siding
  • Window Glazing


Fire or Water Damage

Getting life back to normal after a fire or flood is paramount. We offer same day test results when possible, and next day service where practical.


Structure Demolition

Before structures can be demolished, regulated asbestos containing building materials must be removed, but before they can be removed, they must be found. Typical residential demolitions will require most of a day to complete and 40-60 samples. Some cases can require significantly more detail, particularly in older homes with multiple remodeling activities. These demolitions can sometimes require 80-100 or more samples.


Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or protect yourself on a small project, we can perform minimally invasive sampling in discreet locations. We take great care to be as clean as possible while sampling and to remove any debris.

Drop-Off Service

If you don’t need a Certified Asbestos Building Inspector and an official report, we offer drop-off sample services. We’ll come pick up samples you’ve collected and get them tested, but keep in mind we offer no guarantee, warranty or otherwise when we don’t do the inspection and sampling ourselves.


Our inspection reports meet or exceed regulatory requirements, but more importantly, describe exactly what we sampled, where we sampled from and what’s in the material in a consistent and understandable manner.

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Our sampling services are offered using the least invasive methods possible and the appropriate personal protective equipment. If you’re located in or near Greenwood Village, CO, and are concerned about the presence of asbestos on your property, reach out to us today, and we’d be glad to assist you.

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