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The purpose of the investigation is to build a snapshot of the conditions with regard to moisture control, building material moisture content and the potential for fungal growth, while identifying any growth that is already present.

Mold and IAQ investigations are limited to both a specific time frame and to the conditions apparent during the investigation. Mold is a living organism that goes through growth cycles. The investigation might not detect or locate all growth sites.

Our services include:

Visual Inspection & Air Quality Check

Our standard Mold and IAQ Visual Inspection is a snapshot of the following:

  • Visual investigation for mold colonies
  • Borescope inside wall cavities or hard to see spaces
  • Temperature and relative humidity measurements
  • Thermal Imaging in suspected areas of water intrusion
  • Building component moisture metering
  • Spot checking for Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM10), Total VOC’s, Formaldehyde, and CO2.
  • Carbon monoxide level check
  • Combustion gas detection

Air Sampling and Physical Samples

Should the Mold and IAQ Visual Inspection provide reason for further investigation, our sampling and testing capabilities are as follows:

  • Air sampling – which involves a control sample outside the structure and if possible, inside the structure in an area of known air quality, and within areas of concern
  • Pin-point air sampling inside wall cavities or difficult to reach areas
  • Topical swabs and/or tape lifts
  • Bulk sampling (removing part of the affected material for analysis)
  • Dust Characterization (identify particles in dust from cotton fibers, dander and dust mites to unusual materials such as carbon black, metal oxides and minerals)
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) scan for 74 compounds commonly found in sources such as: paints, paint strippers, solvents, wood preservatives, aerosol sprays, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, pesticides, air fresheners, fuels automotive products, hobby supplies, dry-cleaned clothing, building materials and furnishings, glues and, adhesives

Clearance Testing

After mold or IAQ remediation work has been completed, control samples are taken from outside the structure and from inside the structure away from the work area to provide a baseline air quality comparison. Samples taken from inside the work area are compared to the control samples.

ERMI – Environmental Relative Moldiness Index

We can provide a description of the mold burden of a home with a single numeric number that can be compared to a national database following ERMI standardized protocols for sampling and analysis. Only one dust sample is required to determine the mold burden in a home. For more information on the ERMI test see our Resources page.

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